The Highlights Page

The Highlights page is the new homepage for projects in our flagship application. It's the cornerstone of our new "Answers first" strategy.

What was the problem?

Customer feedback and interviews with users showed that there were a number of important parts of our users' workflow that we simply didn't support in our flagship application. To compound the issue, our users sometimes felt paralyzed after creating a project. Despite training, they just didn't know where to begin with their analysis process. With a growing team setting more ambitious goals, we needed a way to add a number of new features and at the same time, provide even better guidance despite growing complexity.

How did we approach this design?

An AI-powered text analytics application is always at risk of being too complicated and arcane for some users, and certainly we had gotten that feedback before. Now we were looking to add a number of new features to our UI, and adding more options could only compound the problem without some additional guidance for the user

The Highlights feature involved a number of newly designed visualizations and complex interactions. This design process involved interactive prototyping and usability testing from an early stage because, without real data and real users we could only guess if the design was successful.

Full-page mockup of the highlights page

A mockup of a Highlights card showing the most prevalent concepts in a project

A mockup of a Highlights card showing concepts that are driving down a product's star ratings

What did we learn?

Our users valued the high-level visualizations of their project data and how quickly and easily they can get to this output. But what we didn't anticipate was that the plain-language captions on our highlights cards would be far and away the greatest improvement for our users, explaining the value of our features in and guiding users to the correct tool to look deeper.