John theDesigner

I turn complex design problems into simple and beautiful websites & apps.

About Me

Hi! I’m John Livornese. I am a creative, strategic, product design leader with experience working in difficult problem spaces on teams of all sizes. I love building interfaces that communicate meaning, increase understanding, and make the end user feel smarter. My dream job is a place where people are proud of what they’re building and they have fun doing it. I’m a designer who cares a lot about engineering and product, and I love working with PMs and engineers who care a lot about design.

I’ve worked at both Fortune 500 companies like Tableau/Salesforce, and small startups like Luminoso. Most recently I was Principal Product Designer at Upstart, where I was brought in to design a brand new product. I have joined established teams and built teams from the ground up. My work has often been focused on foundational and end-to-end design for new products, building out product design practice and design strategy.

Since you're here, why not check out some of my work, or you could get in touch. We could talk design or whatever, no pressure.

Past Work

Words from Friends

...The best way I can describe working with John is "effortless"... John is collaborative and flexible, while remaining a decisive advocate for his perspective. His sense of humor, positivity, and humbleness uplifts any team he is working with...

John is one of the most deliberate, thoughtful, and intentional designers I’ve worked with. I was fortunate to collaborate with him on improving our company’s design challenge interview, where he married prior experience with present circumstances to vastly improve the efficacy of our candidate interview process... Any design team would be lucky to have John in their corner!

...John and I collaborated on two different products (each of us owned one) and it was clear from day one his skillset was unique. He had the innate ability to tackle a problem with scalability and consistency at the forefront, something I believe we really needed across both of our products... I have worked with a number of designers in my career and I would have to say his approach has been one of the most thought out and effective approaches I have seen. Not only did he move fast, every decision was intentional and moved the needle forward...

Let's Talk

Reach out if you’d like to talk about working together, or just talk about design.